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tcha is the creation of several likeminded souls with backgrounds in food, drink, marketing...

...and drinking lots of tea!


After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. In the UK, we drink over 50bn cups of it a year, and whilst most of the rest of the world have embraced drinking it cold (as in iced, not forgotten on the kitchen side!) for some reason we Brits haven't. We want to change that. It's time to ditch the mug and give chilled tea a try. 


We make chilled tea with purpose. 

Our tea tastes good and does good too. Each product will have a mental and physical health purpose and is created in a way that contributes to a better planet. 

At the heart of the blend is our 'base tea' a beautiful and bright black tea from Kericho in Kenya. We chose our provider not only because of their quality and great tasting product but because we share the same values. Our supplier is a pioneer in sustainable and ethical tea. In Kenya alone more than 30,000 people live on their farms of whom 6,736 are employees.

Focused on creating a better world for their community to live in they have invested $3.8m in an electrification project to power 5651 homes, built schools, dispensaries and kitchen gardens to provide healthy and nurturing environments for their people/the community and working towards a target of being completely self-sufficient in electrical and thermal energy by 2030.

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