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We’ve set out to create a chilled tea with purpose - a product that does good for both people and planet.

We live in an age when we’re struggling to take good care of both ourselves and our planet. Time poor, stress rich and blighted by the affects of a global pandemic mental and physical health has never been more important. At the same point in time, we’re hurtling towards causing irreversible damage to the planet we live on.

We all must do our bit to start making positive changes. To quote the legendary Sir David Attenborough “self interest is for the past, common interest is for the future”. Join us.


At the heart of our blends is a beautiful and bright black tea from Kericho in Kenya. We chose our provider not only because of their quality and great tasting product but because we share the same values. Our supplier is a pioneer in sustainable and ethical tea.


More than 30,000 people live on their Kericho farms of whom 6,736 are employees. They are so focused on creating a better world for their community to live in; they have built and powered 11,000 houses, 6,000 kitchen gardens, 13 dispensaries and 67 schools for the community as a whole, not just those that are on their payroll! 


We love to support them in their ongoing projects and are proud to say we can track our tea right back to it’s picker. 


Whilst our tea comes from Kenya, we also aim to source as many of our ingredients as possible from British soils. Steering clear of artificial sweeteners for example, we’ve avoided imported sugar cane and add a little Suffolk grown British beet sugar to provide body and the necessary sweetness to our blends. 

James Finlay Kenya Mau Forest 1.jpg


When first formulating our ideas, packaging was right up there on the list of priorities. We know people buy with their eyes but also that often up to 80% of an item’s cost price is attributed to its packaging, which ultimately, is just destined for the bin! 


So after several months of research we plummeted for a 1 litre plastic bottle - and we’re pretty proud of it! Whilst aesthetically, it won’t rival a perfume bottle, we’re confident that it’s the most environmentally friendly option available to us at this point in time. And to us, that’s the most important factor. 


Plastic is often viewed as the sum of all sins. But there is a huge difference between single use, non-recyclable plastics discarded in landfills and in our oceans. And, sustainably focussed, multi-serve packaging made from recycled plastics. 

See below for how our plastic perfect imperfection stacks up against glass. 




100% recyclable 


Made from at least 50% recycled materials


Lightweighted - meaning that not only is less plastic required to make it but, it also uses less CO2 in production and transportation. 


If we were to choose an alternative such as glass that would: 


Require 2x as much energy


Require 6x as much water


Generate 5x as much solid waste

And generate 2x as much greenhouse gas emissions!

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