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We're on a mission to change the way you, the British public view cold tea.


We're not talking about the forgotten mug that's gone cold on the kitchen side. Nope, we mean an expertly blended tea that you deliberately chill and serve in a glass. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, it's time to ditch the mug!

What's more, our tea is really good. It tastes good (duh!) but also does good. With added vitamins, our tea is good for your mind and body and it's made making sure we're doing our best to look after our planet and the people who live on it.



A super tcha-rged trio of ready to drink chilled teas packed with punchy flavours and vitamins.


Each is designed to meet a need in your day from setting you up, to picking you up and then...ahhh...relaxing.


With a base of real Kenyan black tea each blend then has different tea top notes, fruit and floral flavours and a blend of vitamins to support physical and mental health.

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