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Purposeful chilled tea

3 distinct blends, 3 distinct functions

We have three flavoursome ready to drink, chilled tea blends to offer; awaken, revive and relax. Each is made with a base of Kenyan black tea and then blended with additional tea top notes, real flavours and vitamins to create products to meet the needs of your day.

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No nasties

Free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours.


Vitamin fuelled

In each of our blends you’ll find up to 50% of the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins in just one serving!

Low calorie

All our blends are under 35 calories
per serving.

A Versatile alternative

tcha makes a great substitute for sugar laden smoothies and juices. It's a timesaving alternative to a traditional brew. And, it is also a great, healthier substitute for artificially flavoured soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.

Plant based + allergen free 

tcha is made with plant based ingredients making it suitable for vegans. Our blends are also free from all major allergens.


Made with love

tcha is a small, independently owned start up. By buying tcha you’ll be supporting us and the many other small businesses we work with.

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Feel super tcha-rged with awaken.

A bold and sprightly blend of real Kenyan black tea with a sprinkling of oolong and Darjeeling and a citrussy spanking of grapefruit and lemon balm. 

Naturally caffeinated and with added vitamin C the cherry on top is an all-boosting blend of B vitamins to fuel your brain and body for the day ahead. 

BASE TEA: Kenyan black tea

TEA TOP NOTES: Oolong + Darjeeling

FLAVOURED WITH: Grapefruit + Lemon balm

VITAMINS: C + B3, B6, B7 + B12


Reclaim your vavavoom with revive

Reanimate your day with this fired up blend of Kenyan black tea enriched with notes of malty Assam, woody oolong and deliciously vibrant raspberry and lychee.  

To resurrect your zing we've added vitamins C, D3 and an all boosting blend of B vitamins to this naturally caffeinated delight. 

BASE TEA: Kenyan black tea

TEA TOP NOTES: Oolong + Assam

FLAVOURED WITH: Raspberry + lychee 

VITAMINS: C + D3 + B3, B6, B7 + B12

Relax lifestyle for store.png


Float away to a drifty, dreamy place with relax.

This little treasure is a smooth and soothing blend of real Kenyan black tea accented with notes oolong, blueberry and lavender. 

relax is lower in caffeine than our other blends and contains natural antioxidants. It's a sophisticated and indulgent blend for that time in the day when you want to unwind.

TEA BASE: Kenyan black tea


FLAVOURED WITH: Blueberry + lavender


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